Hydrogen Water Bottle – How to Maintain

Level Up Way Glass Hydrogen Water Bottle

Hydrogen water is the next biggest thing when it comes to easy health maintenance and improvement. When something is as simple as drinking fresh water from a new type of bottle, there is no question that you should introduce this habit to your life. To get maximum benefits and prolong the life of your Level Up hydrogen water generator, follow these simple maintenance tips.

Keep the Hydrogen Water Bottle Clean

 Cleaning the bottle itself is quite simple. Make sure the container is completely empty before opening it up to prevent spills and water accessing any mechanical parts of the product. Unscrew the stainless steel lid and the metal filter and power section at the base. You are left with a sturdy, temperature resistant, glass tube where the water usually stays when ionizing or drinking.

Dishwasher Safe

This bottle is dishwasher safe, so all you need to do is pop it into the machine to clean it just like you would any other glass. You can also clean the hydrogen water bottle by hand with ordinary dish soap and clean water. Make sure to scrub the threads on each end of the tube to avoid residual bacteria or dirt. There is no need to sterilize the glass with boiling water or use any special soaps or solutions to get it 100% clean.

We designed this Level Up Way bottle to come apart easily for fast cleaning. We know people are more likely to use this helpful tool to improve their health as it is not hard to maintain. When we designed this product, we made sure to use the latest technology from DuPont that has been extensively tested for molecular hydrogen generation. We know that you value quality and ease-of-use at the same time. Those two things define our Level Up focus.

Cleaning the Hydrogen Generator

Do not submerge the entire base of this ionizer bottle in water. Also, do not put it in your dishwasher. You do not want to get the electrical components wet. However, cleaning the Generator is a good idea. You can use mix vinegar and water 50/50. Just put in the bottle for 30 minutes. Rinse and use again.
You can clean the Hydrogen Generator every two months or if you see less bubbles.

Hydrogen Water Bottle with SPE ionic membrane

Our SPE ionic membrane technology creates fresh and effective hydrogen water without the need for excessive parts like earlier generation models. This makes maintenance so much easier and the risk of contamination incredibly low. Since you will only use pure water in this ionizer bottle, you do not have to worry about residue from other liquids at all.

Maximum Health and Effectiveness

For maximum health and effectiveness, take some time to properly maintain your Level Up hydrogen water bottle on a regular schedule. Of course, you would wash any beverage container after each use to prevent bacteria build up or residue. That is no different with this product. However, it takes a bit of extra maintenance to keep the filter clean. If you want to continue experiencing the amazing health benefits of hydrogen-infused ionizer water, follow these tips and the manufacturer’s instructions that come with the product.

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