Ionized Water – Is safe for Drink?

Ionized Water

Ionized water from a hydrogen water bottle may sound odd to some people before they do any research. If you have heard of hydrogen gas before, you know it can explode quite easily. When a high-quality generator bottle adds it to your water, however, you do not end up with explosive water. Of course, that would be very dangerous. That is not how ionizer water works. It takes more understanding of the chemistry behind the process to ensure absolute safety with every sip.

Hydrogen Is a Natural Part of Water

 H2O is the chemical formula for ordinary water. That means it has two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom attached to each other for each molecule. Of course, everyone knows that drinking water is a healthy thing to do as long as it is clean and fresh. The hydrogen in water is 100% safe. When you use an ionizer or special water bottle generator to add more, you do not end up with safe H2O plus H, which is the explosive gas. Instead, it adds H2 or two hydrogen atoms together. This is also called dihydrogen or molecular hydrogen. It is the form that is easily dissolved in ordinary water.

What About the Acidity Caused by Hydrogen?

 If you remember your high school chemistry class, you may realize that adding more H ions to anything makes it more acidic. There is a lot of up-to-date information about the importance of keeping a proper pH balance in your body. An acidic internal environment can contribute to inflammation and an increased risk of unpleasant symptoms and disorders. However, since ionizer water includes neutral H2 gas, you do not have to worry about increased acid levels. In fact, this type of special beverage can actually help alleviate the symptoms of an acidic diet.

Can I Overdose or Drink Too Much Ionized Water?

 No. Each bottle of water you create with the Level Up Way system will contain exactly the right amount of hydrogen that fits inside the H2O you put in the bottle. You cannot super-saturate it with excessive H2. Even if you leave it running for longer than recommended, the extra hydrogen will simply flow out of the water until the perfect level is achieved.

It is important to note that you can drink too much water in certain circumstances. Water intoxication occurs if you drink an incredibly excessive amount of water in a short period of time. This leaches too many electrolytes at your body and can increase blood pressure considerably. Please understand that this is an extreme situation such as guzzling gallons of water in a few short hours. No one drinking normally throughout the day will experience this problem, and it has nothing to do with ionizer water at all.

A hydrogen water generator provides safe, healthy ionizer water that can provide a lot of health benefits for your body. When you understand how the neutral pH H2 works and that the Level Up Away bottle automatically creates the perfect solution, you never have to worry about safety concerns as you enjoy your new and beneficial drink.

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