Hydrogen Inhaler Machine – Portable Hydrogen Generator 120ml – Level Up Way


1. Safety humanized design: Intelligent overcurrent protection
2. Multiple usages: Eyes, oral and nasal hydrogen absorption. (Note: with external hydrogen goggles)
3. Two uses in one unit: Hydrogen inhaler & Hydrogen rich water to drink. (Note: with external diffuser).
4.Preferred material: High-end structure, continuously use for 3 hours.
5.Latest upgrade: Build in intelligent flow of 120ml.
6.SPE + PEM technology of Hydrogen production, use DuPont N117 membrane

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Hydrogen breathing is a new way of health care, which is non-toxic and no side effect.
Benefit of hydrogen
1.Reduce oxidative damage and inflammatory damage in disease
2.Reduce apoptosis
3.Remove malignant free radicals
4.Enhance human immune function
Why is Hydrogen Absorption Good for Body?
Hydrogen is the best natural antioxidant. Because hydrogen molecules are small, they can quickly penetrate into the body and cell membranes to take away the malignant reactive oxygen species that are difficult to eliminate, and neutralize the water to be excreted from the body without affecting other benign reactive oxygen species and the functioning of the body, the most important thing is to restore damaged and oxidized cells.
Principle of Generating Hydrogen Gas
Use PEM pure water electrolysis technology, Electrolyzing water to produce pure hydrogen and pure oxygen, intelligently stripping pure oxygen, producing hydrogen with a purity of 99.996%. Simply attach a cannula and you can breathe in pure H2! Hydrogen passes through the breathing system and ACTS on the body through cells.

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