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Customer reviews


I really liked the concept and functionality of these bottles. I have no idea if the theory is valid but it sounded reasonable to me and I bought one. At some point, I stopped using it and realized quite a bit of time had passed and the battery had died. I reached out to find out if there was a way to get a new battery. The owner sent out a replacement generator. Oddly enough, it didn’t fit my bottle (since they must have made some changes over that time). He sent me out a completely new unit to replace my old one. That’s customer service. Greatly appreciated.

Steven Bowers

It works fantastic and has different colors of light during the cycle. You can see the bubbles of it working. Holds a charge well. I have had it a couple months and accidently broke the glass cylinder. I contacted Level UpWay to order a replacement glass and they are sending a replacement free. Works great and excellent customer service.

Damian DS

Truly an excellent product, very sturdy. Contact customer service about an issue I had due to my own fault and they could not have been nicer.

Really looking forward to get that much more healthier using hydrogen water.

Robert Meyer

Works great

Gerardo C David

Will the vendor, was really committed to fixing this problem for me. He sent me another bottle that didn’t leak. I commend Will for very being committed to customer satisfaction!

Karen Y Moulder

I just started using it, but am excited to see any results it may bring to my health.

Carole Broderson

I just received my hydrogen water boy today. It changed up very quickly and I was able to make hydrogenated water in three minutes. Water tastes great and the bottle does not leak as some reviews said. So far I love it. Looking forward to all the health benefits it is supposed to give.

Rachel Weaver

I bought this bottle as a gift for my husband, and he really seems to like it. It is easy to assemble and use, and the flavor of the water is good. He is very happy with it. My kids accidentally broke the glass and the seller has been very responsive and is helping me get a replacement.

Dara Wilk

Love my Hydrogen water bottle. I use it every day in the morning. Highly recommend this company. My bottle broke and they sent me a new glass bottle replacement within a week, and it was the best customer service I have had in a while. Please support them.

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Customer reviews

Daniel J Richardson

I purchased this product almost a year ago and have used it daily with great results. Recently, the lid that creates the hydrogen started to malfunction so I contacted the manufacturer and they immediately sent me a new unit. I was quickly back up and running with my daily dose of healthy hydrogen water and I remain extremely pleased with the product and the service. I highly recommend this product!!


I am enjoying my Hydrogen Water Bottle. It has a refreshing taste. I am not the best at drinking water consistently, but this makes me more conscious of my water intake. I did have a problem with leakage. I contacted customer service and Will was truly helpful in resolving my issue. I was satisfied to the attention, care and promptness Will showed to me as a valued customer. Thank You for your assistance and support..
Happy Drinking!!!

Claudia B.

Amazing item! Fast delivery, it works great. I am using it in a daily basis. I will provide an update after one month to share the outcome/benefits!


I read the other reviews and knew about flipping the container over and that it would be wet due to testing. I am excited, this is exactly what I was hoping for and look forward to using it every day.

Terri Quiroga

Hydrogen water tastes clean. You can see the hydrogen being produced. I run the hydrogen process 3 times for each bottle I drink. Bottle comes fully charged and It took about 4 days before I had to recharge. Very simple to use, water is ready in 3 minutes. Been using 2 weeks and I am seeing a difference in my skin along with less joint pain.


I really like this product. There was a small issue with the gasket and when I contacted the company, they went far above and beyond expectations to make it right. I highly recommend them.

Elizabeth Scales

This is so easy to use and I use it all day! I can notice a difference in the way I feel drinking from this! This is a supportive business that cares about their customers and made sure any questions I had were answered! Will be buying another one soon!

Dr. S.

Product works great as described! The container is well protected and attractive. Looking forward to improved health! Customer service is very helpful-thank you.

James Willems

I was skeptical about the Hydrogen Water Bottle before I purchased it, but I am convinced this was a wonderful investment. I enjoy the taste. I am still on my trial period, but I have seen some improvements in my sleep and overall health.

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