Personal information obtained and why.


When customers leave comments on the website, we collect data which is provided by the comment’s forum including the IP address and browser information to prevent users from posting spam on our website.

Anonymous users are subject to profile check by Gravatar, read more on the subject here: . Oncer your post has been approved; your profile picture will be visible next to your comment.


When posting files, avoid posting files with location enables (exe EXIF GPS). Users of the website can capture location data from such posts.


If you plan on commenting on the Blog, you can enable cookies to save information which would make accessing the website faster and easier. These cookies will be saved for up to one year.

If you have a profile and log into the website, a cookie will be stored with information about the browser you are using, this cookie will be deleted as soon as you close the browser.

When entering the website another cookie will be stored for up to one year with information regarding your login and what you might want to see for up to two days. If you chose to save cookies, login information will be stored for up to two weeks or until you log out.

If you edit or post a comment, another cookie will be stored for up to 24 hours with no private information and only information to link the user to the post.

Embedded Posts

Embedded comments which contain videos or images from other websites are held to the Terms and Conditions of the original website.

Users who register with the website agree to the storage of any personal data that is provided in the registration process. All information can be edited and changed other then the username, Website admins have the power to make those certain changes.

User Rights To Private Data

If you post a comment or have a profile on the website you can request a file with all the information that we have stored under your profile, including personal information and comment history. You can also request us to redact any personal information that you have provided. This does not however mean that any data collected with administrative goals for maintaining the website or legal reasons can be redacted.

What Do We Do With Personal Information?

User posts can be ran through a database for spam identification.