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  • NEW TECH – DUPONT – USA Proton Exchange Membrane – 5 GENERATION Molecular Hydrogen Generator Produces BEST ANTIOXIDANT for YOU; Molecular hydrogen is a NOVEL ANTIOXIDANT to efficiently reduce oxidative stress and improvement of mitochondrial diseases.
  • Hydrogen Rich Water Prevents BAD CHOLESTEROL; Hydrogen water prevents bad cholesterol which plague arteries, also slows down the AGING PROCESS.
  • METABOLISM REVOLUTION; hydrogen water ionizer improves metabolism and nutrient absorption.
  • PEM HYDROGEN WATER BOTTLE PURE HYDROGEN IS ADDED – OZONE AND CHLORINE IS REMOVED: adds hydrogen which is better for health, and removes, ozone and chlorine, which can be harmful.
  • 1 YEAR WARRANTY – take your HYDROGEN ENRICHING WATER SYSTEM with INSULATED WATER BOTTLE; Every Bottle comes with a 30 days Money Back Guarantee, One Year Hassle Free Warranty, and a friendly customer service – We Have SPARE GLASS for your peace of mind.

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LevelUpWay Glass Hydrogen Generator Water Bottle SPE PEM Technology Water Ionizer

Molecular hydrogen prevention and treatment from “LevelUpWay Glass Hydrogen Generator Water Bottle”

Molecular hydrogen prevention and treatment

This is a substance that has existed on Earth for a long time. It is hydrogen that exists in a molecular form after two hydrogen atoms are covalently bonded. In layman’s terms, hydrogen is also called hydrogen molecule and its chemical symbol is H2. Whether it is molecular hydrogen, hydrogen, or hydrogen molecules, it is actually the same substance. The English name is molecular hydrogen. In Japanese, hydrogen and hydrogen are commonly referred to as “hydrogen”, and water containing hydrogen is referred to as “hydrogen water.”


Why Should You Drink Molecular Hydrogen Water?

  1. Our body is exposed to toxic free radicals through a variety of factors, such as UV radiation, air pollution, toxins, and more;
  2. Molecular Hydrogen, as the smallest molecule, can easily enter the cells, only scavenging and neutralizing the harmful free radicals, with no side effects;
  3. H2 helps to improve cell signaling, which has beneficial metabolic, anti-inflammatory. Molecular Hydrogen are very effective in boosting energy, protecting muscle, balancing the pH of the blood.

The Top 10 Health Benefits of Hydrogen Water

1. Reduce fatigue & boost vitality

2. Remedy for allergies

3. Promote cardiovascular cerebrovascular health

4. Antioxidant

5. Improving Metabolism

6. Anti-inflammation

7. Prevent Degenerative Diseases

8. Anti-Aging

9. Slimming Beauty

Benefits of NEW SPE PEM technology:

  1. It used latest SPE PEM technology with DUPONT - USA Proton Exchange Membrane, which is far better than ordinary water generators or ionizers;
  2. We use premium non-toxic Platinum coated Titanium electrode plates;
  3. Only six minutes to reach the high concentration of 1100ppb/Which is quite enough, and you can use your Hydrogen Bottle all day long/;
  4. No more ozone chlorine and other harmful substances;
  5. Needn't maintenance, can use for 2-3 years.

Spare Parts!!!

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